15 Very Important Things the New Game of Thrones Pictures Tell Us


We’ve been blessed yet again! Praise the old gods and the new! This week, HBO released a whole bunch of new pictures from the seventh season of Game of Thrones. As you know, we’ve already witnessed two exciting trailers, both of which we’ve analyzed hardcore. Now, with these images, there’s even more fodder for speculation. Where will season seven kick off? We’re dishing tons of fresh insight, so pour a big ol’ glass of red wine and have a seat.

Daenerys Is All Like, “Sup, I’m Here”

The real question is, who is everyone staring down? Cersei? The half-decimated rubble of King’s Landing? We can’t know for sure, but we do know that we want to know. You know?

The Lannisters Are United and Ready For All the Haters

Surprise, surprise. Even after Cersei blows up half of King’s Landing and indirectly causes the death of Tommen, Jaime’s still standing with her. Literally and figuratively. Cersei may be turning into a mad queen, but it’s clear her brother-lover is going right down the rabbit hole with her. Cheers, I guess?

Bran Is Slowly but Surely (but Mostly Slowly) Making His Way South

Poor Meera. She literally has to drag Bran’s warging ass all the way down to the wall. But she looks determined as hell. So, like, maybe they’ll get there by the time the next Winter hits? Like the Winter after this Winter?

Arya’s Straight Up Chillin’ and Ready to Murder More People

Like, this young woman just 100 percent murdered Walder Frey, and now she’s just relaxing at a tavern like it’s NBD. Clearly she’s on the move and making her way down the list. Is she vetting her next target? Is she having another internal crisis? Or both? Probably both.

Daenerys Is Home, and She Has HAD IT

Based on the teasers, we already know Daenerys has made it to her ancestral throne at Dragonstone. The queen has officially arrived on the right side of the world. She’s brought her dragons, she’s done dealing with you, and she’s going to lay down the law.

Tormund and Brienne Are 100 Percent Hooking Up

Look at this picture and tell me these two are not getting together in season seven. Oh, what’s that? Yeah. You can’t.

Varys Knows About That Merman Theory and He’s Fed Up

Sometime last year, someone suggested that Varys might be a merman and that explains how he disappears and reappears so suddenly and wears such long robes. I imagine Varys would raise his eyebrow and say something cryptic like, “Guess you’ll have to hire a tail on me, if you really want to find out.”

Littlefinger Has Infiltrated Jon Snow’s Kingdom

Like the sneaky snake he is, Littlefinger is all up in Jon Snow and Sansa’s business. What’s his next game plan? What’s he up to? We can never know who his allegiance truly lies with, but after he and Sansa saved the day, maybe we can be cool with him for now. Not sure how Jon feels, though. And Sansa looks fierce, by the way.

The Hound Found Some Snow and Also He’s Pissed

Either The Hound has begun to make his way north for some inexplicable reason, or Winter has REALLY progressed pretty far down on the map. Neither one could be a good sign. But what’s The Hound’s mission at this point? Is he trying to track down Arya? Is he just tired of everyone?

Jon Snow Is Worried

Are we surprised? Not really.

Missandei Is Not F*cking Around, Is Ready to Fight Some B*tches

Look at her. She’s all suited up, and based on her facial expression, she’s done dealing with all the bullsh*t out there. This could either mean she’s about to deliver some tough love to Daenerys, or she’s ready to unite and take on the Lannisters.

Lyanna Mormont Is Back and Ready to Dismantle All of the Patriarchies

We knew this little firecracker was set to return quite a bit ago, but maybe we just didn’t expect her to come back to soon? She’s about to put everybody in their place.

Sam Is Learning His Sh*t

Look at our man. So studious. Maybe he’ll actually unlock the secret to everything. We’re rooting for you, Samwell. We’re all rooting for you.

Tyrion Is Concerned

. . . and probably a little drunk, right?

Ser Davos Is Still Sad and Bitter and Coming For Melisandre

You just know he’s plotting to kill the Red Woman in this very picture. Just totally leering at her and brainstorming ways to make her suffer.

Image Source: HBO




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