After Overcoming Domestic Abuse, This Woman Lost 90 Pounds


One woman is currently going viral for her weight-loss transformation, and it’s inspiring as hell. Imgur user autumn8481 posted two photos of herself on the image-sharing website — one holding up an old pair of jeans and one showing her slimmed-down body in all its glory.

In her caption, she explained how the jeans were ones she wore back when she weighed 285 pounds. She explained that she was “so heavy” because she was “forced to eat or face horrific abuse from an ex.” In her second snapshot, the woman explains how she now weighs 195 pounds — that’s a 90-pound loss! — and is very content.

To date, her photos have been viewed more than 100,000 times, and nearly 300 other users have commented on the post to show their support for her weight-loss journey. One commenter wrote, “You are cute and curvy!” and another wrote, “You look fantastic! Here’s to you being happy, healthy, and safe!” You go, girl!


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