Aishwarya Rai features in sequel of Deepest Secrets Of Top Celebrities


Mumbai, Jan. 22 — Himanshu Shangari, the Chandigarh-based author, personality developer and astrologer is coming up with the sequel of his book, Deepest Secrets Of Top Celebrities, which will include the horoscope analysis of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan among other celebrities.
Shangari shares some of the highlights of the actor’s horoscope by calculating her time of birth from her date of birth and from her life events.
“As per my calculations, Aishwarya is born with Libra rising. Being Aishwarya is more of a journey than a blessing. Her public life may show she’s got everything with ease but her chart tells it may not be so,” says Shangari.
“It is the horoscope of a warrior who may not only have fought and won many battles on the physical plane of life, but also witnessed many battles on the mental and emotional planes. She’s almost always looked so composed on the outside, while her horoscope shows signs of challenges on the physical, mental and emotional plane. She not only survives through them, but also achieves a lot, and makes it look simple too. This is what makes her a true winner,” he adds.
“Her emotional plane looks troubled and it may carry a lot of negative energy, gained through emotional setbacks from time to time. The negative energies in her horoscope can hit her physically, especially in the chest and the region just below it. She should take care of these areas as significant health issues may appear after 2020,” the author says.
“A planetary change is going to hit her around April 2017 for three years. It is likely to bring her better professional results. It may also boost her image as an icon of beauty. However, the same energies may trouble her on the physical, mental and emotional planes and she may witness intense things happening at times during this period. She may also face problems related to her mother during this time. Wearing a blue sapphire and a pearl may help her deal with these problems. Though she may be advised to wear a diamond or an opel, she should wear none of them. These gemstones can make her restless, impulsive and let her take drastic measures. They may aggravate some of her health issues. Getting Ketu Pooja performed with Saturn Kavach can help a lot. Care should be taken that this pooja is performed properly,” says Shangari.
The book also covers celebs such as Kareena Kapoor Khan. We shall talk about the same in our next segment.


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