Hey Trump, check out these YUGE Women’s March crowds across America


The Women’s March on Washington has taken solidarity to a whole other level.

On Saturday, the peaceful protest, which took place in Washington D.C. one day after Donald Trump became the country’s 45th President, inspired a global movement, leading to marches in 160 cities across 60 countries.

All across the world, people stood in unity for a chance to have their voices heard; to fight for their beliefs, values and equality; and to give a big old “screw you” to President Trump.

With the United States at the heart of it all, an overwhelming number of Americans flooded the streets, taking over their cities and making a powerful statement.

Breathtaking aerial footage and photographs across the U.S. — from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles — truly put the crowds into perspective, showing the absolutely stunning turnouts from an entirely new perspective.

Here’s a glimpse at some badass Americans coming together to make a difference:


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