I’m Hopelessly Addicted to Magnetic False Lashes (and Never Turning Back)


Guys, we need to have a talk about magnetic lash extensions. And by “a talk,” I mean that I need to tell you how they’re a f*cking godsend. I use them most times I wear makeup; basically, if you see me post a selfie anywhere, I’m probably wearing a pair of my magnetic falsies. I keep a pack of the lashes at my desk at work, I care for mine religiously at home, and I estimate that I’ve convinced at least 15 friends to buy their own pair. Considering the fact that many salons charge between $100 and $200 for lash extension treatments that only last a month, I feel obligated to share my experience with these reusable, easy-to-wear lash boosters. I’ve become something of a magnetic lash disciple.
When the producer of my weekly POPSUGAR Snapchat series, First Impression Friday, told me that I’d be trying magnetic eyelash extensions, I was nervous; I’d never even heard of magnetic lashes, let alone whether they were safe to use! But to make a long story short, the magnetic lash extensions from One Two Cosmetics ended up being my favorite product ever tested on First Impression Friday in over a year of shooting the Snap series — and I refused to part with them after we wrapped. I brought home the package of magnetic lashes and proceeded to wear them every single day for two weeks.

Like any self-respecting millennial, I took to social media to spread the word about the magnetic lashes, posting a blurb about them on my Instagram story. I received TONS of questions from friends and followers about the lashes, so I figured this review might be a good place to answer them! Read on for images of the lashes in action and answers to all the questions I’ve been asked since I began wearing the magnetic lash extensions.

Have questions? Don’t worry — I have answers.

How do they work?

The how-to instructions on One Two Cosmetics’ page explain it much better than I can, but the basic concept is this: you place one lash segment on top of your natural upper lash line, then one right underneath the upper lashes. The tiny magnets on each lash segment connect around your natural lashes and hold themselves in place, no glue required!

Do they hurt (or rip out) your natural lashes?

Nope! In fact, these are much better for my lashes than traditional falsies, which irritate my lashes with glue. It’s important never to tug on these lashes to avoid damaging them or your own natural lashes; simply slide them apart with your thumb and index finger. You can see this process demonstrated in this how-to video, where the founder of One Two Cosmetics shows how to gently shift the magnets without damaging your own lashes.

How long do they last?

I’ve been using one pair of the lashes about three times per week for over two months without any signs of wear. However, I should note that I never fall asleep in the lashes, have only done one workout class in them (they lasted through barre!), don’t apply mascara on top of the magnetic extensions, and never pry them apart from one another to avoid unnecessary strain on the magnets.

Are they heavy?

They feel just like regular falsies to me — you’re aware of them for a minute or so, then your eyes adjust and you stop noticing the extra weight.

Do you still wear mascara with the magnetic extensions?

I’ll add a bit of mascara to my inner lashes (since I only wear one pair of the lashes at a time) and let it dry for several minutes before applying my One Two Lashes. I never apply mascara on top of the falsies in order to keep them as clean as possible and because a layer of mascara on my natural lashes is sufficient.

Would these work for people with supershort or straight eyelashes?

I can’t vouch confidently for any lash types except my own, but I’ve seen many YouTubers and Instagrammers with different eyelash types use One Two Lash with success! I’m sure you could trim these based on your eye shape, too.

Applying the magnetic lash extensions:

Applying and removing the lashes definitely takes a few tries to get used to it but becomes second nature relatively quickly. Unlike falsies that require glue, you can remove and readjust these magnetic extensions as many times as necessary to get them just right.

Which type of magnetic lash is best for you?

While I am a big fan of the Original version, you may have other needs when it comes to your eyelashes. There are different styles to choose from, including:

Original ($69) — your average pair of falsies
Bold ($69) — thick, dark, dramatic lashes
Accent ($59) — smaller segments of lashes for a natural look
Filler ($59) — extremely thin strips of lash to fill in sparse areas

Side View With Magnetic Lashes

(Shown: left eye with magnetic lash, right eye without.) The lashes on my left eye are extremely thick but appear natural.

Side View Without Magnetic Lashes

(Shown: left eye with magnetic lash, right eye without.) Even with a layer of mascara, the lashes on my right eye are much thinner and more sparse.


Without the Magnetic Lashes

In this image, I’m wearing one thin layer of mascara on my top lashes.

1 Eye With Magnetic Lashes, 1 Eye Without Them

In this image, I’m wearing one thin layer of mascara on both eyes with the addition of One Two Lash (Original) on my left eye.

With the Magnetic Lashes on Both Eyes

In this image, I’m wearing a set of One Two Lash (Original) on each eye.

Closeup of the Results

Top: without any magnetic lashes
Middle: magnetic lashes on left eye, right eye without
Bottom: with magnetic lashes on both eyes

Same Eye, With and Without Magnet Lashes

Left: without One Two Lash
Right: with One Two Lash

The Lashes in Action

In this GIF, my left eye features the magnetic extensions; the right does not.


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