Kay Kay dislikes the kind of roles offered to Indians in international films..


Be it his role as Khurram in Haider (2014) or Vishnu in Sarkar (2005)— actor Kay Kay Menon has essayed diverse characters in his acting career spanning two decades.
However, he is not interested in proving his mettle in Hollywood or the West. The actor is disappointed with the kind of roles being offered to Bollywood actors in international films.
“I speak better English than most people from Hollywood. My problem is that the moment you go there, you restrict yourself to an Asian role. You are either playing a Pakistani, or Indian or Sri Lankan. I find that kind of stuff difficult to digest. If your face is international, you can be from America also. I don’t understand why we (Indians) are given only these kind of roles,” says Menon who was recently seen in a multilingual film alongside actor Rana Daggubati.
Talking about global cinema, the actor, who has been part of films such as Black Friday (2004), Corporate (2006), Life In A…Metro (2007) and Haider (2014) , emphasises that he makes it a point to only pick up film projects where he understands the language.
“I am quite comfortable where I am. I need to do films with languages that I easily understand, otherwise I might do a German or a French film,” he adds.


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