Lara Croft Finally, FINALLY Gets To Wear Pants


All the way back in 2001, Angelina Jolie took on the iconic role of Lara Croft from the popular Tomb Raider video game and brought her to the big screen.

She starred in two Tomb Raider movies in 2001 and 2003, then hung up her dual pistols.

And, like the video game character, she wore shorts a lot.

Now, Alicia Vikander is starring as 21-year-old Lara Croft in the franchise’s 2018 reboot, which focuses on the hero’s origin story. And from these first images, it’s clear Vikander’s Croft is very different from Jolie’s Croft because LOOK, SHE’S WEARING PANTS.

No braids and no guns — just a big ol’ stick AND PANTS.
And the pants are not a fluke: She is wearing PANTS IN EVERY PICTURE. Look at Young Pants Croft!

Young Pants Croft works as a bike courier in East London and barely makes it to her college courses. Determined to forge her own path in life, she refuses to take over her father’s global empire. She does, however, fully embrace pants.

Here’s one last pic of Lara and her pants.

In a final effort to find her father, she travels to the last place he visited before his disappearance: a mysterious island somewhere off the coast of Japan, the home of a mysterious tomb. She does so in pants.




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