April is shaping up to be a monumental month for Lizzo. Even though she’s gearing up to release her major label debut album and prepping her upcoming performance at Coachella, Lizzo made time to stop by The Daily Show on Thursday night (April 11). During her chat with Trevor Noah, she touched on her forthcoming project Cuz I Love You, body positivity, the loss of her father, and even partook in some twerking.

“When he passed away, I got really depressed,” she says of her late father. “I quit music. I was like, ‘I have no reason to do this anymore because I was doing it for him.’ Then, I realized I have to do this for myself because he was doing it for me.”

Lizzo touched on a message of body positivity back in 2015 with the song “I’m In Love With Myself.” “I think that it’s so interesting that body positivity is now this buzzing term. There’s no term for body negativity because it’s the norm we expect. At this point, I realized my mere existence is a form of activism, especially in the body positive community,” the “Juice” artist stated while showing her posing nude on the Cuz I Love You cover.

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After flirting with Noah for the duration of the nine-minute interview, she twerked against the desk in her bright red suit pajamas and left the host with a kiss goodbye.


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