Michael jackson’s ‘thriller’ without music is still a killer: watch


It is one of the most well-known music videos of all time.

Thriller broke the mold for what a music video could be, and from Vincent Price’s voice to Michael Jackson’s red jacket, it is instantly recognizable. The video has more than 435 million views on YouTube alone.

The 14-minute horror-themed music video was directed by filmmaker John Landis, and in December 1983, it was MTV’s first world premiere video.

Now, on what would have been the King of Pop’s 59th birthday, Heat Vision looks at the video in a whole new way, thanks to YouTube user Red Rhythm, who posted the entire music section of the video, but with the instrumentals dropped.

The dancing seems even more impressive in this version as every little move is that much more articulated.

Jackson’s vocals are still there, as are the sound effects, which are somewhat funny and even a little annoying at times.
Jackson died in 2009. Thriller, produced by Quincy Jones, remains the world’s best-selling album.

See the actual music video and the version without the instrumentals below.




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