Pinterest’s Top 10 Style Trends For 2017 Will Make Getting Dressed Much Easier


If you need more inspo on what to shop for in 2017 and how to dress, Pinterest heard you. Based on in-house data, the company released its top 10 style predictions for the new year amongst its 100 trend predictions. So, what exactly is in? Bell sleeves and high-neck tops are a start along with DIY embellishments like patches and pins. More importantly, we can all take note that denim will still be a major player in street style, though next year promises lighter and distressed jean variations. Now that you know exactly what to wear in January, it’s time to start shopping for those pieces. Read on to see Pinterest’s full list of trend predictions.

1.The Bell Sleeve

It may be time to say bye to the off-the-shoulder look in favor of bell sleeves. We’ve already seen this trend take hold in 2016, so keep your eyes on it for next year.

2.DIY With Pins, Patches, and Stickers

Make your denim jacket stand out by DIY-ing with patches and pins to your heart’s content. With so many inexpensive options to customize your piece, there’s no excuse to rock the jacket plain.

3.Pajama Dressing

Fashion girls who choose comfort first will be glad to know they can still wear pajama-like tops, dresses, and suit sets in 2017.

4.The Shift to Neutrals Like Camel or Khaki

Colors be damned! Neutral tones are popping up everywhere and the shades are versatile enough to pair with everything in your wardrobe.

5.Denim With Flair

Breathe a sigh of relief: denim’s still in for next year. The styles that will be in vary from lighter shades to distressed jeans.

6.Political Tops

No surprise, the search for political tees were up in 2016 thanks to the election. We found ourselves following up on the political conversations more than ever and that shouldn’t stop in the new year.

7.Backless Shoes

Your introduction to the backless shoe trend may have been the Gucci loafers, but since then the flat has popped up in all different versions: velvet, suede, furless — you name it. And luckily, the style comes in affordable prices, too.

8.Stacked Earrings

Instead of stacking your rings, it’s time to stack your earrings. If you’re not into the one-earring trend, try wearing multiple studs for a statement look.

9.’80s-Inspired Style

The search for ’80s-inspired pieces are strong on Pinterest, which makes sense given that we’ve seen the trend on the runways and curated some outfit inspo should you decide to give the style a spin.

10.The High Neckline Top

Need more proof modesty is always in? High-neck tops were one of the most searched items on Pinterest, so do invest in one for 2017.


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