This Stunning Bedroom Makeover Only Looks Like It Cost a Million Bucks


When you gaze upon the landscape of this couple’s neglected bedroom — a mattress strewn across a basic bed frame, nonexistent curtains, tired carpeted floors, and a mismatched second-hand dresser — the idea of decorating it feels completely overwhelming. Instead of taking the easy way out and shutting the door to hide their bedroom, the couple called in design pro Monica Mangin, who tackled it on Lowe’s original series The Weekender.

The bedroom overhaul included replacing the carpet with laminated wood flooring and creating a breathtaking DIY shibori wallpaper accent wall. After that, it was all about the decor. While we tend to think of Lowe’s more for home project supplies rather than decor, we were blown away by all the beautiful and reasonably priced goods the retailer supplied to outfit the space. Keep reading to get an up-close look at the vibrant, modern bedroom and everything in it.


Bare cream walls, a boring carpet, and little else was in the room.


The room is completely updated from the laminated wood flooring to the mod lighting fixture.


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