Varun Dhawan called Salman Khan uncle & the star wanted to slap him!


Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan has revealed Salman Khan got very upset with him when he addressed him as uncle during a trial show of 1997 blockbuster Judwaa.

Varun, who was just seven-years-old during the making of the film, said the Sultan star asked him to say ‘Salman bhai’ instead of uncle. “I went for trial (show of Judwaa) and I called him Salman uncle he got very upset. He told me ‘I will slap you if you call me that, call me Salman bhai. I don’t care if you are David Dhawan’s son I won’t allow you inside theatre if you call me uncle,’“ Varun said.

Before Varun started shooting for the reboot of the film directed by his father David Dhawan, he did speak to Salman and the actor said he does not want to disappoint him. “We all have spoken to him it’s a personal thing. His blessings are always there. I don’t want to disappoint him (Salman), them (Sajid Khan and David Dhawan) and the audience.”

When asked if he there is anxiety of being compared to Salman, the 29-year-old actor said, “I am not thinking about it you all keep reminding me. As an actor I do films for audience. When I do a film I don’t think about I will become this or that or my price will hike as an actor I will get ad I don’t think all this. Eventually audience should like your film.”

The Dishoom star said Salman has send him a box full of jeans which he can wear for the role of Raja in the film.


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